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Welcome to the place where your brand acquires a unique character. We specialize in producing hats with the customer's logo, offering a Private Label solution that will distinguish your company in the market. Our experience spans over 30 years of work, during which we supported hundreds of brands in building their identity through high-quality caps that stand out not only in design but also in functionality.


  • Experience and Tradition: As a family business with more than 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of details that determine the success of a brand. Our history is a continuous passion for creating and improving.
  • Commitment to Quality: From the selection of raw materials to the final product, every stage of production is meticulously controlled. We choose only the best materials – from acrylic to luxurious 100% Merino wool – to ensure that each cap is synonymous with quality and comfort.
  • Supporting Your Brand: Our goal is not only to deliver products but to support your brand in its development. We understand how important it is for the final product to reflect the character and values of your company, which is why we offer full customization.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Whether you are looking for premium hats or more economical options, our offer is flexible to meet your needs and budget.

Build Your Brand with Us

We invite you to cooperate. Our team of experts is ready to help you create products that not only meet your expectations but also delight your customers. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to strengthen your brand in the market.

We propose two models of cooperation.

Expand Your Brand with Our Designs

The "Our Pattern, Your Label" cooperation model is a fast track to making your brand stand out in the market. By choosing from our wide range of ready-made hat designs, you gain access to proven concepts that have been developed with the latest trends and highest functionality in mind.

Personalization Process

Choosing a model is just the beginning. The next step is personalization – this is where your creativity comes into play. We offer you unlimited possibilities to customize the product: from applying your brand's logo, through choosing colors, to adding unique graphic elements. All this, to create a product that not only bears your logo but also fully reflects the DNA of your brand.


  • Speed to market with ready-made designs
  • Low risk thanks to proven projects
  • Full personalization, tailored to your unique style

Create with Us from Scratch

"Your Patern, Your Label" is a model for those who desire full creative control over their products. This model offers a full spectrum of customization – from choosing the design, through colors, to specific additions. Everything begins with your vision, which we transform into a concrete, production-ready project.

Customization Without Limits

Whether you have a complete project or just a general idea, our team of experts will help you realize it. We focus on every detail to ensure that the final product not only reflects your brand but is also unique in the market.


  • Full creative control over the project
  • The ability to create a completely unique product
  • Strong commitment to reflecting the brand's vision in the product


We provide a wide selection of personalization methods, including patches, tags, or embroidery with your brand's logo. You can choose from our ready-made designs, send us your own additions, or commission the creation of a unique design, which will help your brand stand out in the market.


The paper tag is an important part of brand identification. If you do not have hangtags, we will commission production from our suppliers according to your design.


We offer the possibility to customize the appearance and content of internal labels according to your design. You can place your logo and decide on the content, creating a fully personalized product that is consistent with your brand identity.


Production Backstage

Our production space is the heart of our operation – a dynamic environment where the latest technologies merge with artisanal precision. Here, every detail matters, and our mission is not just to create hats but to set trends and establish new standards in the industry. Through our work, your brand gains not only a product but a story that sets it apart from the competition.

Knitting Department: Technology and Vision Combined

We proudly operate a fleet of 35 modern knitting machines, which are our foundation for exploring and executing a variety of projects – from classic "fully fashion" hats to innovative "knit&wear" models that redefine the concept of comfort and style. Our technological versatility guarantees that even the boldest ideas find their place here.

Cutting Department: Where Precision Meets Speed

The center of our precision, the cutting department, is equipped with an advanced Kuris cutter, a symbol of our constant attention to detail. This machine not only speeds up the production process but most importantly ensures that every product element is perfectly tailored and executed with unmatched precision.

Innovation and Finishing: From Idea to Product

We do not limit ourselves to traditional methods. Our laser engravers and embroidery machines are examples of how technology can add character and depth to a product. Combined with our own sewing department and packaging division, we ensure not only high quality but also the uniqueness of each hat that leaves our production lines.

Production Flexibility: Ready for Your Challenges

Our readiness to adapt and scale production means that even in the most demanding periods, we can meet your needs, ensuring smooth delivery and unwavering quality. This is our commitment – to always be ready, regardless of the challenge.

From Vision to Realization

Every stage of our production process is a testament to our commitment. From the first sketch through precise execution to the final finish – everything we do is aimed at exceeding your expectations. Our production facility is not just a workplace; it's a space where passion transforms into products that define brands.


We sew in Poland

Our commitment to delivering top-class products is rooted in the location of our factory in Poland. It is here, using advanced technology and the experience of our production employees, that we carry out a comprehensive process of creating our caps, ensuring high flexibility and rapid response to the dynamically changing market requirements.

Polish Quality, Global Standards

Operating exclusively from Poland, we benefit from the advantages of short supply chains and direct cooperation with our team. This allows us to maintain rigorous standards of quality and innovation. Our factory represents a combination of modern production technologies with efficient process management, enabling us to fulfill even the most demanding orders.

Our Commitment: Excellence and Innovation

Choosing Poland as the sole location for our production underscores our commitment to promoting sustainable development and supporting the local economy. We invest in the most advanced technological solutions and the development of our team's skills to offer products that meet the expectations of our customers from Poland and all of Europe.

Supporting the Growth of Your Brand

By choosing our factory, you decide on a business partner that prioritizes quality, punctuality, and flexibility. Our production in Poland guarantees that every product is made with unwavering care and precision, contributing to the development and strengthening of your brand's position both on the local and international market.